7 Signs You’re Way Too Into Astrology

hahaha I don’t think I am XD

Thought Catalog

Photosani / (Shutterstock.com) Photosani / (Shutterstock.com)

1. You attribute everyone’s actions to their birthday.

“Of course she’s going to snap at me—she’s an Aries.”

“I thought maybe he was gay, but I realized he only dresses that well because he’s a Libra.”

“I was kind of hurt when my boss laughed at me but then I remembered: She’s a Virgo.”

Whether you’re making an excuse for that person or simply trying to find reasons for your lack of chemistry with them, your habit of associating each individual with a series of astrology-based characteristics is clearly out of hand and you are no longer capable of seeing a person for who they are; rather, you find cause for their actions in the month, day, and hour they slid out of their mother’s womb.

2. You use it as an excuse for your own actions.

There’s someone crying in the room—”EVERYONE MOVE ASIDE…

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