100 Reasons Why…

Writer and Illustrator

I din’t know why I love you so much.

Though at times, I am asking myself why.

Why I love a friend like you,

and for forever, I’ll sacrifice everything for you.

I don’t have so many reasons to tell, how special you are to me.

But I am hoping, you’ll appreciate this 100 reasons for real.

I LOVE YOU .. Because

-of your sweet smile every time we talk.

-of your eyes that shines to me.

-of your pinkish lips.

-of your one-line eyebrows. 🙂

-of your hair that is glossy.

-of your little nose.

-of your tongue that speaks so many words.

-of your eyelash with mascara on it.

-of your beautiful perfect face.

-of your hands that holds mine.

-of your little tiny fingers.

-of your outfit!

-of your attitude and characteristics.

-of your thinking and some childish actions!

I LOVE YOU … because of WHO YOU…

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When will you leave permanently?

I’d like to make my own version of this :’)

Writer and Illustrator

You never really fail to haunt me in my dreams. I’m always trying my best not to think of you before going to sleep but my subconcious mind is just as hardheaded as my heart. They never listen to me. They always find time to make me remember you.

Everytime I see my old notebooks, my heart will beat faster, remembering how long we’ve spent together as a high school and college students. Every time I scan old messages in facebook, there’s a part of my brain that tells me to look up and search for your name and see your profile, wanting to know how are you, if you still alive or what.

I should blame my eyes too, you know. Coz there’s still some times that even though I knew that you’ll never come to that place again, whenever I walk pass to that place, I’ll turn my…

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So how can you forget?

That “17th of October” </3

Writer and Illustrator

I remember the first time you locked your gaze on mine, it was the best feeling ever. I remember the first time we talked about nonsense topic about school. I remember the first time we sent text messages to each other, talking about the moon and how beautiful it was. I remember how you smiled every day when you see me walking towards you. I remember how you managed to befriend my friends even tho you don’t like them. I remember how you asked me if you could court me and I said yeah. I remember the moment you brought me home, and you are afraid because my dad might see you. I remember how you held me in your arms while dancing and saying the words I am longing to hear, that night in February 27. I remember how you sang that song on stage and told everybody it…

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At three in the morning:

😥 feels!

Writer and Illustrator

But why? she asked. You just look at her with those kind of stare that she’s afraid to see. Those pity stares that you’ve been hiding for all those times that you two are together.

I can’t bear this anymore, you answered. She then breakdown and cry on the floor, thinking what could’ve been wrong that you decided to be on your own now, to need space, and to live your life without her.

But why, she really don’t understand why. Why you’re leaving her. What’s the reason of falling out of love with her. Why, of all person, you’re the one who got tired of her being weak, fragile, and sensitive. She expected that you’ll understand her attitude over things because you said you would, and that you won’t ever look at her like she’s the pittiest girl that you’ve met because she thinks you don’t want her to…

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Space and Time

Writer and Illustrator

1 meter. The space between you and me.

You pulled me in the water, closer to you. The butterflies in my stomach were present once again. You then wrapped your arms around my waist, and made me locked my arms around your neck.

1 inch. The distance of our parted lips.

You smiled. You looked me in the eyes. You said I love you. Then smile again. I already knew what you were thinking and so I let myself descend under the water with you.

1 second. The time when your lips and mine collide.

You don’t waste a chance. You quickly grabbed my face and kissed my lips without hesitation. It was just only for a second. But for me it was a lifetime to remember.

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some things i want to do with you, r.m.

Writer and Illustrator

I think it would be nice if I wake up beside you on a bed on a rainy morning, covered by a blanket, talking, cuddling, kissing, making love, and we will stay like that until you say that we need to get up. And when afternoon comes, we will cook something to eat but we won’t just focus on eating but also staring at each other at the dining table the whole time, smiling, holding hands, absorbing each other’s love. At 7pm, we won’t bother to take some dinner coz we’re still full from our afternoon brunch, and we will just watch some random movies you’ll pick from the cd racks. We will stay awake until dawn, laughing out loud because of the corny jokes I am saying to you. And then I will sleep in your arms, will hug you so tight, will hope and pray that this kind…

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Siya, ang aking kailangan.


Writer and Illustrator

Siya na palaging nandiyan para magpasaya noong panahon na hindi ko alam kung paano ngumiti.

Siya na hindi ako binitawan kahit na hindi ko hiniling na ako’y kanyang kapitan.

Siya na nagbigay pag-asa noong mga oras na alam kong hindi ko na kaya.

Siya na naging sandalan ko at tumulong sa’kin na tumayo muli, ng mas tuwid, sa aking pagkakadapa.

Siya na patuloy na nagbibigay sa akin ng lakas, tuwing naiisip ko na ang pagsuko na lang ang tanging kong magagawa dahil sobrang hirap na ng sitwasyon.

Siya na nagturo sa akin na maging positibo, kahit na ang mga pangyayari’y parang wala nang kahahantungan na mabuti.

Siya na nagsasabing hindi niya ako iiwan o pababayaan kahit kailan.

Siya na mahal na mahal, hindi lang ako, kundi lahat tayo — at naghihintay lamang na mahalin nati siya.

Siya, ang Panginoon at kataastaasan na hindi napapagod na magbigay, magpatawad, mahalin at tanggapin…

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