100 Reasons Why…

Writer and Illustrator

I din’t know why I love you so much.

Though at times, I am asking myself why.

Why I love a friend like you,

and for forever, I’ll sacrifice everything for you.

I don’t have so many reasons to tell, how special you are to me.

But I am hoping, you’ll appreciate this 100 reasons for real.

I LOVE YOU .. Because

-of your sweet smile every time we talk.

-of your eyes that shines to me.

-of your pinkish lips.

-of your one-line eyebrows. 🙂

-of your hair that is glossy.

-of your little nose.

-of your tongue that speaks so many words.

-of your eyelash with mascara on it.

-of your beautiful perfect face.

-of your hands that holds mine.

-of your little tiny fingers.

-of your outfit!

-of your attitude and characteristics.

-of your thinking and some childish actions!

I LOVE YOU … because of WHO YOU…

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