A Wish…

As I see the sun shining

I see your face smiling,

How I wish it was really happening

And will not have an ending.

At night, as I fall asleep

I see your kissable lips

But at my dream

It ends in a bitter scream

How I wish that you are here

Right by my side, to wipe my tears

And every time that I’m lonely

You were there to comfort me.

I wish that we will be together

And I hope that it’s gonna be forever

Flying angels lifting high

To reach the sun above the sky.



Dyan mo ako iniwan nung mga panahong
kapit na kapit pa ako sayo.
Dyan mo ako iniwan kaya ngayo’y
nakahandusay at durog-durog.
Sa taas ng ikinabagsakan ko wala ng
natira sa pagkatao ko.

Monika SerkowskaHuli na.
Hindi mo na maayos pa,
Kahit pa ngayong nagbabalik ka.

Huli na.
Huli na para sabihin mong,
Ako’y mahal mo pa.

Huli na.
Para iparamdam sa akin
na ako ay mahalaga.

Huli na.
Huli ka na.

October 01, 2013

No one knows how you came in simple thoughts that I cannot frame.

I Love the way you’re saying “Hi” and the way you make me smile.

I’ve searched for so long for someone like you,

That makes me smile without a clue,

And everyday I’ll surely miss,

Your presence and your silly face.

You’re just everything I want to,

To have you is a dream come true,

Cause you’re my light in the dark.

And you’re my clown, my every sight.

And how can you make me smile everyday?

When you do nothing in your way.

I can’t find a word to say, If we will both lose this day.

But thanks again for having you.

For changing my life.

And make things possible.

All my dreams, I will spend with you.

That is why, I love you!


1. Di ako kumakaen ng dinuguan pero batchoy kumakaen ako.

2. Ayoko ng chocolate with nuts pero pag magkahiwalay sila kinakaen ko, mas lalong ayoko ng peanut butter pero kung mani lang kumakaen ako.

3. Ayoko ng Icing sa cake, bagoong at higit sa lahat di ako kumakaen ng sibuyas at bawang.

4. Mahilig ako sa kape pero tamad ako magtimpla kaya bihira akong uminom nun.

5. Hindi ako kumakaen ng kahit anong gulay, maliban na lang kung chopseuy pero pag hiwa-hiwalay na gulay hindi ko kinakaen.